The Indian Workers Association,in a recent letter to the members of The British Parliament requested them to condemn terrorism where ever it may take place and to support all peace loving people who are working to root out terrorism in the world.

The Indian Workers Association has been closely observing the activities of the ‘Kesri Lehar’ in Britain and in other countries. The Association has also noted the support this movement is receiving from the three main British political parties.

The letter is intended to bring the attention of British Parliament to following points:

1. The Indian Workers Association is opposed to Capital Punishment anywhere in the world because it violates human rights. Secondly, in some countries such as India the judiciary system being corrupt, justice is often sold and bought.

2. Leaders of the Kesari Lehar, however, in disguise of human rights and the campaign against capital punishment, are promoting the demand for a separate Sikh State, “Khalistan.”

3. The Kesri Lehar is dominated by Sikh separatist, fundamentalist and terrorists. They are using a readymade platform in Guruduwaras and two Sikh television channels, to brain wash and to poison the minds of Indian youth against Hindus. Their ideology is not by far different to that of the BNP.

4. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale started a movement to free Punjab from the grips of Indian rule (Hindu Rule). He publically made anti-Hindu statements and appealed to every Sikh to kill 35 Hindus so that the Hindus were wiped off the earth. ( His speeches and writings are readily available) Consequently, innocent Hindus were pulled out of buses and were gunned down. Bombs were thrown in the public places causing mass murder of both Hindus and Sikhs.

5. Analysing the situation in Punjab after the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then Labour Party MP for Derby North, Phillip Whitehead, Compared Bhindrawale with Frankenstein’s Monster created by Mrs Indira Gandhi and he turned to her just as Frankenstein’s Monster did.

6. If the activities of the Kesri Lehar are continued to supported by the British politicians, it will not be long before its leaders will show their true colour and all British residents will have to bear the consequences just as we did in 1980s and 1990s.

7. Having lived through those dark days of 1980s and 90s, Indian People especially Punjabis would not like history to be repeated ever again. The eighteen years terror in Punjab caused a loss of 30,000 innocent lives and another 5,000 became victims of the Delhi Riots after the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi.

8. Bhinderawale’s followers carefully targeted families in villages and cities, visiting them after dark, demanding money and if refused the whole family including elders, women and children were gunned down. Women and girls as young as 14 years were raped in front of their families.

9. People in Punjab were too frightened to go out in the evenings. People who had to travel any distance did not know if they would return home alive.

10. Bhindranwale turned the Golden Temple into his personal fort and stored ammunition in the complex and openly challenged the Congress Government to a civil war.

11. No doubt the attack on the Golden Temple was a blunder by the Congress Government. Undoubtedly other ways and means could have been used to tackle the situation. The attack on Sikh shrines raised Sikhs’ religious emotions. They felt this was an attack on their religion and their personal identity.

12. People of Punjab have some genuine demands for which a treaty was signed by Mr Rajeev Gandhi and Sant Harchand Singh Longowal who was also assassinated by the Sikh Separatists because they were not prepared to find a solution by peaceful means.

13. The Followers of Bhindrawale, in the name of Kesri Lehar, are trying to demonstrate that Sikhs are discriminated against by the Indian (Hindu) Government. They claim that Balwant Singh Rajowana’s and Professor Bhuller’s imprisonment and subsequent death penalty in India are part of the chain of such discrimination.

The letter also gives a brief outline of happenings in Punjab during 1980s and 90s, and sufferings of Punjabi’s which is helpful to understand the ideology of Sikh extremists and the terror they created in Punjab.

1. In the 1980s and throughout early 1990s Punjabi people were suffering two fold terrors. By Sikh fundamentalists after dark forced entry into their homes (Hindus and Sikhs alike) demanded food, money and shelter and sexually abused women folks. While in the day time they were harassed, arrested and tortured by the police accusing them being supporters of Sikh terrorists.

2. Being aware of the consequence, no one was prepared to give evidence against the Sikh terrorists.

3. In 1990s, Beant Singh became Chief Minister of Punjab. In order to put a stop to terrorist activities, unrest and for national unity and integrity, Beant Singh was left with no choice but to take firm actions against Sikh terrorists.

4. People of Punjab finally had a relief when the top leadership of the Khalistan movement, were either imprisoned or were killed in Police encounters. After experiencing 18 years of terror, they began to enjoy normality once again.
5. Khalistani leaders who were still at large saw Beant Singh as their enemy number one. They succeeded in their plan to assassinate him along with his 16 Body Guards and Balwant Singh Rajowans is one of the nine accused while the suicide bomber died at the spot. While Professor Bhuller serious injured a Congress Youth Leader and killed 25 other innocent people.

Today’s Leaders of the separatist movement, under the disguise of Kesri Lehar, are igniting the same terror. The letter underline that the Indian Workers’ Association strongly opposes capital punishment and also opposes national and international terrorism and they expect the same from the British Government.

The letter is signed by members , Executive Committee and several others followed by the General Secretary of Indian Workers Association.