Racism is generally accepted to be the perspective of the victim of racial discrimination. The Indian Workers’ Association (GB) established in 1938 has over its 75 year history gained credible experience to make reasonable assessments of racial legislation by respective Governments.

The IWA Central Executive Committee having studied proposals for the pilot scheme of controversial Visa Bonds considers these to be racially discriminatory in nature and also likely to effect the poorer sections of our community in denying them basic human rights. We have opposed such moves in the past for similar reasons and find no reason to find the present proposals any more acceptable now as they were previous.

Members of the IWA GB will be meeting with representatives of other community and religious organisations in a national gathering in Birmingham this week to discuss a campaign for action to oppose the proposals.
Visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Nigeria would be required to deposit a £3000 bond per person being sponsored for a visit, before they are granted a six month visa to the UK.
These proposals are being sold on the back of reducing pressure on the National Health Service and deter overstaying. The fact that the NHS is being denied resources due to austerity measures, with essential funds diverted to fight ideological wars in the Middle East or set aside for the unnecessary replacement of Trident- nuclear carrying submarines.

The IWA[GB] reminds the leaders of the Coalition Government that people are no longer prepared to be fooled by such pronouncements. Given the previous position of the Liberal Democrats on Immigration we expect better than this from them and expect Labour MP’s to stand up to be counted. As Martin Luther King once said “there is nothing more deafening than the silence of our friends”

The IWA[GB], has just concluded the centenary celebrations of the Ghadar Party, and recalled with pride their struggle to be treated as equal citizens with dignity and respect. The Indian Diasporas have made immense economic contribution to the British economy and have earned the right to be treated as equal citizens. This latest systematic discrimination follows on the heels of another, the requirement to show over £18,000 per annum income before a fiancée of Indian sub-continent origin would be allowed to come to Britain for permanent settlement. As proven in the High Court this is unjust and discriminatory.The campaign will focus on these and other elements of racial discrimination, to build strong communities that can live in peace and harmony as equal citizens with dignity.

To join the campaign email IWA GB: harsevbains@hotmail.com

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