The Association of Indian Communists, IWA GB, comrades on the west coast of U.S.A and the Indo Canadian Workers’ Association salutes the centenary of the Ghadar Party. Together we pledge to take forward the legacy of the Ghadar (Revolutionary) movement as outlined in the resolution of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of India Marxist.

“The Ghadar Party established in San Francisco on April 5th 1913, played a glorious role in organising struggles like the Komagata Maru voyage for the equal rights of immigrants of all countries and mobilising powerful militant resistance to imperialism with a brave symbolic action of a voyage to liberate their motherland, India.We recall with pride and salute the memory of the 200 martyrs who were killed and the 35 who were sent to the Andaman Cellular Jail for life. Their fearless example raised hopes of overcoming imperialism at its most savage.

The movement extended from Vancouver in Canada to San Francisco, Europe, Tokyo and the villages of India.
As its name indicates, it was inspired by India’s First War of Independence of 1857; and true to this tradition during World War-1 the young Kartar Singh Sarabha was executed for rousing rebellion among troops. Later on, inspired by the Russian revolution, cadres of Ghadar party went on to organise workers and peasants to win freedom and build socialism. Many joined the Communist Party and formed the Communist group in north-west India.They dared to storm the bastions of imperialism in their day and their memory should inspire us to carry forward that struggle to victory over imperialism in our time.”

ghadar_flagThe Ghadar Centenary programme of proletarian internationalism across; UK, USA and Canada will be inaugurated by Comrade Sitaram Yechury Member of the Polit Bureau of the CPI (M), Member of Rajya Sabha. The inaugural function in UK will take place in West London on Saturday 8 June, engaging with the people across all the major cities in Britain and ending on 7 July. The celebrations will traverse continents to USA, San Francisco on 15 July and conclude with a mass rally of thousands on 22 July in Canada, Vancouver.
A tour of UK by Jana Natya Manch (Janam), India’s leading political theatre company will provide a dramatic tribute to the centenary celebrations. The renditions by Janam will highlight the struggle by the people still yearning for freedom, social and economic emancipation.

A special anniversary souvenir is being prepared in collaboration by IWA GB and the Indo- Canadian Workers’ Association, leading historians, academics and political figures to recognise the contribution and contemporary relevance of the Ghadar Party.

To join, support or participate in these events please contact IWA (GB) Harsev Bains 0044 7956 811553 email