On this May Day, 2014, the Indian Workers’ Association GB greets the working class and toiling masses across the world.

On this International Day of working class solidarity and unity, IWA GB reiterates its belief in the leading role of the working class in achieving a society free from all forms of exploitation, a society where the great strides in the scientific, technological and cultural fields made by humanity are utilised for the wellbeing and decent and dignified life of all sections of working people and not merely for the service of the few.. The IWA GB pledges itself to the endeavour for the realisation of such a society.

On this occasion of May Day the IWA GB, extends its solidarity with all the people engaged in struggles across the globe in challenging the attacks buy neo liberalism, international finance and the transnational corporations. The IWA GB is in total support of the growing discontent against neo liberal policies being implemented for the interests of the 1%, expropriating the wealth created by 99% of the people.
The IWA GB extends its solidarity with the countries striving for freedom socialism and world peace. We extend our solidarity with Palestine, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The IWA denounces the imperialist interventions and intimidation by NATO in Syria, Iran and lately in Ukraine- Crimea. On this May Day the IWA GB reaffirms its commitment to support the demand by the Palestinian people for an Independent sovereign state of Palestine.
On May Day 2014, the IWA GB greets all the socialist countries and wishes them progress on the journey towards building socialism and advancing humanity according to their concrete conditions
This May Day brings an opportunity for change, to project a genuine alternative to the failed neo liberal policies of the ruling Congress and the media-hyped BJP in India as well as the Con Dem alliance in UK or anybody else perusing the disastrous neo liberal agenda
In making our choice we must reflect on the policies; on rights of working people, racism, fascism, communalism, gender, cast, youth, ageism and non-discriminatory immigration laws .In case of re-election the track record in matching the words to deeds.

The IWA GB repeats the clarion call “Workers of the World Unite”