The final report of the International Commission of Inquiry will be presented to the US public and will then be delivered direct to the Obama administration.

The week of activities in Washington will bring together personalities from the U.S. and abroad, including jurists, parliamentarians, writers, intellectuals, activists and religious people to call for the freedom of the Cuban 5, five men unjustly imprisoned in U.S. prisons for defending their country against terrorism.

René González, one of the Five who returned to Cuba after serving his entire sentence recently said. “The decision of arresting the Cuban 5 was made in Washington and it is there where the final decision of freeing them will take place”

The activities in Washington DC will include:

Visits to Congress with Parliamentarians from other countries
Two day Conference on U.S. Cuba Relations and the case of the Cuban 5
Cultural events
Rally in front of the White House calling for the freedom of the Cuban 5
Many well known people have already added their support including academic Noam Chomsky, actor Danny Glover, writer and professor Angela Davis, poet Alice Walker, journalist and writer Ignacio Ramonet, Brazilian writer and liberation theology Frei Betto, retired U.S. Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, historian and writer Piero Gleijeses, Brazilian writer Fernando Morais and many others.


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