In a resolution passed during their National Conference hosted in Derby, the Indian Workers’ Association (GB) extended its militant solidarity with Polish migrants in UK. The people originating from Poland have come under increasing attacks from right wing groups. Following the EU referendum racist graffiti has been painted outside a Polish Community Centre London and cards with “No more Polish Vermin” posted through targeted letter boxes.

Young children subjected to racial abuse, according to reports from the Cambridge News, a number of cards saying “Leave the EU/No more Polish vermin” in both English and Polish were found outside St Peter’s school in Huntington by teaching assistants and students, including an 11-year-old Polish child, who reported they made him feel “really sad”.Other reported incidents include Polish women told to get packing and leave. A Polish worker at an airport quizzed why he was still working here. Children at schools told they should no longer be here.

Similar to the Indian diaspora in UK, a significant section of the Polish Community is 3rd and 4th generation of British born Poles living and working in UK. The IWA GB condemns this vile racist language and the awful hate motivated attacks on the Polish and BME communities. We call upon the Government and Home office to take the strongest possible action against the perpetrators of racial attacks and to desist from using inflammatory language.