Leicester: The Central Executive Committee of Indian Workers Association (GB) met here discussed the re-emergence of communalism and Sikh extremism in UK under the cover of support for the convicted terrorists Balwant Singh Rajowana and Delhi blast convict Prof.Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar and other allied issues.

The role of Punjabi print and visual media in inflaming the situation has also been identified as a challenge to our secular values. The IWA remains opposed to capital punishment and will continue the campaign for justice for the victims of 1984.The IWA believes that justice delayed is justice denied with people like Sajan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler walking free under the protection of the ruling party,Congress (I) in India. A letter is being sent to all MP’s in UK by the IWA, exposing the ideology of these extremist groups and the stand of the IWA.

The meeting also assessed the rise of the Populist Party (UKIP) with 147 seats in recent elections in Britain and the targeting of immigrants by UKIP and the main parties. The IWA will continue to build a broad platform to challenge racism and fascism and will support the campaign to offer an alternative platform to Labour and Con Dems. The IWA will strengthen its links with the CPB and other left, progressive and secular parties domicile in Britain.

IWA will host the UK Tour of Jana Natya Manch,a celebrated theater group from India in June.They will have programmes in various UK cities.The schedule of the programme will be announced soon.As a part of the Ghadar Party Centenary Celebrations, a souvenir will be co produced by Indo-Canadian Workers’ association and IWA GB next month.

A press statement after the meet highlighted the sentencing of Mr. Ubhi, one of the leaders of the attack on the IWA organised India’s Independence Day meeting on 18 August in Coventry last year.