The 16th conference of the Association of Indian Communists (Great Britain) would begin today in Leicester,UK.Sitaram Yechury who is a member of the Polit Bureau of Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Robert Griffiths, General secretary of CPB will be the cheif guests.The two day conference will begin at 3.00 pm on Saturday.23rd June and reconvene on Sunday,24th June at 9.00am.

The conference aims to make a detailed analysis of the international, Indian and British political situation in the context of global developments. Policy making which will lead  AIC towards its goal of Socialism and discussions on issues like strengthening political alternative to capitalism and many more procedures are going to happen as the part of the conference. Delegates from various parts  of the country will attend. As part of the international working class AIC look forward with confidence in their ideology for socialism and scientific belief in bringing about social and economic transformation.

Comrade Sitaram Yechury, as the All India President of Student Federation of India was forced to work clandestinely for years, being arrested during the emergency in 1975. He was elected as the President of Students Federation of India three times.He now serves as a key spokesperson for the left in Indian Parliament.As an MP in the Rajya Sabha, Yechury has served the interests of the nation at the UN and initiated the first impeachment of a High Court Judge. Com. Yechury has for many years been closely involved in looking after the Party affairs in West Bengal.Com. Yechury as the head of the International Department of CPI (M) is familiar with the political, economic and social developments internationally including Britain.Yechury, along with the leadership of the CPI (M) headed by the General Secretary Comrade Prakash Karat continues to provide the ideological framework along Marxist Leninist principles. Comrade Yechury will formalize the AIC expansion strategy advanced by Com. MA Baby,PB member of CPI(M).Also will launch the socialist web platform

Com.Robert Griffiths,general-secretary of the CPB was elected by the CPB’s Executive Committee in January 1998.Com.Griffiths participated in the formation of the Communist Campaign Group, an alliance of members and former members of the Communist Party of Great Britain set up to defend the Morning Star in the early 1980s, becoming its Welsh secretary. He also edited and contributed to a paper critical of both the CPGB’s programme, The British Road to Socialism and its Alternative Economic Strategy. The CCG split from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1988 on the basis of the CPGB’s party’s existing rules, principles and programme, while dropping the ‘Great’ from its title to become the Communist Party of Britain (CPB). Griffiths subsequently took part in extensive redrafting of the party’s programme, renamed Britain’s Road to Socialism.

He comes from the city of Cardiff and was a Communist Party candidate in various general elections too.

Comrade Sitaram Yechury and Com.Robert Griffiths will address the Public Rally,at Leicester today at 6.30pm on the occasion of the  AIC Conference. More details can be obtained from Harsev Bains, General Secretary (07956 811553)

Address of the Venue

Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet Hall,88 Hastings Road,Leicester LE5 OHL. Tel : 0116 2108280